Things You Need to Know about Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator

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A lizard might be the most uncommon animal to be made a pet; however, when you look at the cute look of a leopard gecko, you will immediately be enchanted by its beauty. There are many reasons to keep a leopard gecko as a pet, but its beautiful look is always the biggest reason. And so, any traits that contribute to its look, i.e. genetics, color and size, must be calculated properly when breeding leopard gecko. A leopard gecko morph calculator is useful to determine how the offspring will look when two parents with specific traits are mated. Here we will discuss about mostly about how the calculator works and a morph calculation example.


Behind the Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator

Leopard gecko morph calculator works under the fact that the traits of parents will be inherited by their offspring in some particular ways. Based on the parents’ genetics and their chance to be inherited, the offspring may acquire zero, a single or a pair of each of the genes. The producing effects of the genes play an important role in determining this acquisition.


How Does Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator Work?

When you use a leopard gecko morph calculator, you will see a very simple interface consisting only of two input box and a button for calculating the data. One additional button to clear the input boxes is also present. To use the calculator, you need to input the traits of each parent in each box. You can input multiple traits to yield more comprehensive and accurate results. If you make any mistake when inputting the data, you can clear the boxes using the respective button. After you input the data, you can click on the calculation button to initiate the calculation.


The calculation results will then appear. You will see all possible traits for the offspring produced by their parents’ mating. You will also see the percentage for the offspring to acquire specific traits. Ultimately, you will see the percentage of all possible morph names associated with the offspring. After you see the result, you can add more data by inputting clutch size number and whether the traits are cumulative. The calculation result will then be adjusted accordingly.

Despite the simple interface of the leopard gecko morph calculator, there is actually a comprehensive calculation involving numerous traits of the leopard gecko and their producing effects (dominant, codominant or recessive). You can see how comprehensive the calculation process is by looking at the result.


What to Prepare before Using Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator

Obviously, you need to be knowledgeable of the various traits of leopard gecko. At least, you must be familiar with the traits of the two leopard geckos you want to mate. There are various online resources that you can refer to when determining the traits of your leopard geckos. Once you get the data, you can start using leopard gecko morph calculator and predict what kind of offspring will emerge from the mating process.


While using the leopard gecko morph calculator, you also need to know about the dominant traits. There are several traits which make your lovely gecko unique and different.


Enigma Leopard Gecko

If you have a leopard gecko with an enigma as the dominant trait, there is a possibility that you will have a leopard gecko with irregular spotting. At the same time, you have to be careful because some of the geckos are suffered from a syndrome called an enigma syndrome. There are several symptoms of this syndrome. Your geckos tend to look up constantly or known as a stargazing, miss their prey, and slow walk. The cause of the syndrome is unclear yet but mostly it is because of stress. Let your leopard gecko alone for a few days while analyzing their habit. If there is no significant difference, just bring them to the vet.


Normal Leopard Gecko

The leopard gecko morph calculator also helps to determine the detail of the normal or standard leopard gecko. The standard or normal leopard gecko has a bright yellow color. This is also considered as the most common and dominant leopard gecko morph.  


Co-Dominant Traits Leopard Gecko

There are also several leopard geckos which included in the co-dominant traits. The first morph is known as a mack snow gecko. This gecko only has a one snow gene. The common characteristic of this gene is the white and black bands. You will not see the yellow color just like a normal leopard gecko gene. The second gene is known as a super snow gene. In this gene, the gecko has a double snow gene. The most common characteristic is the speckling and the white color. Moreover, the color of the eyes is more solid than the other genes. The third gene is known as a giant gecko gene. Just like the name of the gene, the size of the giant leopard gecko is larger than the normal gecko. To make sure that you have a giant gecko gene, you need to check the parent first. Sometimes, you have a big gecko but it is not considered as a giant leopard gecko. There is also a supergiant leopard gecko. Indeed, the size is even bigger than the giant leopard gecko gene.    


Hypo and Super Hypo Leopard Gecko

There is also a gecko gene known as a hypo gene. It is separated from the morph because there is no clear information yet whether hypo is included on the co-dominant traits or on the line-based traits. The most common characteristic of this leopard gecko is the less than 10 spots around the neck and the base of the tail. If you have a leopard gecko with no spots on their body and the spots are only appeared around the neck and the tail, there is a possibility that you have a super hypo leopard gecko gene.


The point is that you need to know the gene of your leopard gecko. It is similar to the identity of the gecko. To make it easier, you can just use the leopard gecko morph calculator. Just follow the instruction and get the clear identity for your lovely leopard gecko.